10 Google Tricks That Make It Best Search Engine

Google is known as best search engine optimization on internet. A lot of bloggers and companies are earning through Google. Google search engine marketing provides different blogs best rank. A large number of bloggers use Google AdSense and Google AdWord to earn money online. Google is best search engine optimizer than ever. Now Google also help people in various ways of our personal life. Google tricks provide a lot of facilities on internet. You can get information about any music band song, get informed about the flights, you can also get information about foods. In short, all Google tricks are extremely handy in human life. But, I’ve a collection of 10 Best Google Tricks that make it best search engine. Google search tricks help you to get information about your tips on bill. You can get informed of Sun rise or sunset time by Google. These all handy sources make it best than ever.

Best Google Tricks

Google Timer

Google Timer

Now you can also use Google as a timer. Just search Google Timer on Google bar and set timer as you want Google. Google will alert you at the time you set on it.

Google Flight Info

Google Flight Info

Google will also provide your flights information. You can see that your flight in On-Time or Delay by using Google Flight Info.

Google Sun Rise or Sunset Time

Google Sun Rise Time

Google Sunset Time

Google will also give you information about the sun rise and sunset time of your location. Type sun rise or sunset with your country name like I wrote sun rise nyc and sunset nyc on Google search bar to get result of New York City Sun rise or Sunset time.

Google Tips Calculator

Google Tips Calculator

Google will also help you to calculate your tips on bill now.

Google Movie Release Date Finder

Google Movie Release Date Finder

Google will also inform you about the upcoming movie release date. Just type the movie with release date keyword that you want to get info about the release date on Google search bar.

Google Events and Holidays Finder

Google Events and Holidays Finder | Google Tricks

Google will also tell you about the international events and holidays date and day. Just write the event or holiday you want to know on Google search bar.

Google Define

Google Define | Google Tricks

If you type a word on Google search bar with define query, Google will define that word with full handy information.

Songs Finder

Songs Finder | Google Tricks

If you want to listen a song of your favorite bands and you forget the name of the song. Then Google will help you to search that song of your favorite music bands.

TVs Show Schedule

TVs Show Schedule | Google Tricks

Google will also help you to find your favorite TVs show schedule. You can get all info of your favorite show through Google and enjoy.

Books Finder

Books Finder | Google Tricks

You can search you favorite authors books on Google also.


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