10 Historic US President Victory Speeches

10 Historic US President Victory Speeches

Speech is the verbal expression of your feelings and thoughts. Speech is generally used to let down or enhance the emotions, targets and schedule of a community, group of people or even random public. Speech is an effective instrument of politicians to convey their messages, addresses and promises to the public of their country. They used it for the sack of election, publicity and/or for the welfare of their country. The presidents of the United States also used this tool for electing and user rating purposes.

Starting from the president Barack Obama, here is the video links of the last 10 speeches presented for the purpose of victory by the presidents of the US in the past. Every one can extract a common thing in these speeches that in the times of elections, all political candidates promises in the interests of the public but when elected, they always follows the policies presented to them by their think tanks and parliament. It is the universal fact that not only the presidents of the United States have this kind of policy also the political leaders of the other countries follows the same strategy.

The ordinary man whether he lives in under developed country like Africa, or the developed country like United States, faces the universal fact that every promised told to him in election was not fulfilled. On the contrary, political leaders are also bound to follow the strategies made by group of intellectual members of the think tanks. That’s why the common public always faces the same problems, they always looking for another election with new hope but the result is always identical.  Here is a link of 10 victory speeches by the Presidents of the United States. You may clearly analysis that after election how much promises have been fulfilled and the public of US has faces the similar scenario as the public of other countries.

Barack Obama Re-Elect Victory Speech of 2012

Barack Obama Victory Speech of 2004

President George W. Bush 2001 Inaugural Address of 2001

President George W. Bush Victory Speech of 2004

President Bill Clinton Victory Speech of 1992

President Bill Clinton Convention Speech 1996

President George H. W. Bush Acceptance Speech 1988

Ronald Reagan Victorious in Presidential Election (1984)

President Jimmy Carter – Inaugural Address 1977

Richard Nixon Victory Speech 1968

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