10 Unique and Elegant Wedding Cakes For Your Special Day

10 Unique and Elegant Wedding Cakes For Your Special Day

There are many important days in our lives but there is one very important day that we all want to make as special and memorable as possible. Yes it’s your wedding day. Apart from wedding decorations, venue, wedding lunch or dinner, you also need to think about serving a delicious, mouth-watering and of course a very romantic cake. People always remember tasteful wedding cakes from others weddings, so this is your duty to choose the best for yourself. Sweeter the cake, longer the people will remember you.

Following are some wedding cakes which are quite unique and lovely to be served in a wedding. Enjoy!

1. 5 tier Chocolate Wedding Cake

Isn’t it just a lovely cake for your best day? Its shape is like heart stairs. It will take your guest’s breath away. Everyone would praise and wish you very best after having a slice of this delicious beautiful cake. You might never want to cut this cake as it’s too beautiful but also it is worth cutting and tasting.

5 tier Chocolate Wedding Cake

2. Black and White Damask Cake

A decent black and white cake with red roses showing love and romance. It has white creamy texture and it is made very neatly. The black design is the dark chocolate design. Really a mouthwatering creamy and slightly chocolaty cake it is. Perfect for those who love chocolate and also perfect for those who don’t like much of the chocolate because it has more creamy flavor in it. The real red roses placed at the top of the cake makes it look romantic and appealing. Do try this different and unique cake for your wedding.

Black and White Damask Cake

3. Tall Cake with Elegant Flowers

Do you want to have a big wedding? Or your big wedding is coming up soon, then you should not miss the chance of even considering is tall elegant cake. It isn’t just tall with beautiful flowers placed on it but also it is heavenly yummy and butter creamy cake. You will not repent at all after having this cake for your wedding. Absolutely stunning cake for your big day it is.

Tall Cake with Elegant Flowers

4. Elmo n Cookie Monster Wedding

Well it is always nice and good to think outside the box and just be creative. So, don’t hesitate in having an animated or childish wedding cake. This is a very rare wedding cake, so you should go for it. As people always remember real and wonderful stunning things and this cake is one of them.

Elmo n Cookie Monster Wedding

5. Apple Wedding Cake

Love apples? Then have this different apple cake for your wedding day. Never heard of it before? Well it doesn’t surprise me because I also never heard of it before. As I said before people always remember the rare things and this one is also a rare piece. A tall white cake with green juicy apples. It is really an incredible design so do give it a thought for your wedding day.

Apple Wedding Cake

6. Steampunk Robot Wedding Cake

Surprised by the incredible sci-fi cake? It is the rarest form of wedding cakes.  It doesn’t look like a cake but believe me it is really a cake. World is really full of talented and master mind people. Get this cake if you are a science fan.

Steampunk Robot Wedding Cake

7. White Christmas

It is a white Christmas creamy butter topping cake with the white flower decoration on it. It will perfectly match with your wedding dress. It is sweet and decent and has a very beautiful figure. It is worth trying for your wedding.  Crispy white butter coating outside and creamy soft cake surprise from inside. White flower decoration makes it look even more appealing.

White Christmas

8. KJ and Dan Wedding – Cake

An expensive wedding cake for an expensive wedding. If you can afford it, then why not serve something worth memorable. It is Pinkish white fairy tale kind of a cake with pink butter coating and topping. This cake also has a very beautiful flower bouquet decoration which is really inspiring and peaceful.

KJ and Dan Wedding - Cake

9. Blue ribbon wedding cake

Again, why not think outside the box and beyond the imagination and color your cake with vibrant blue ribbons. In this cake blue flowers are also added. Blue looks good on a wedding day especially for a cake. It has breath taking blue and white flower arrangement as well. Who wouldn’t want a cake full of color and life?

Blue ribbon wedding cake

10. Wedding Cup Cakes and cakes

Last but not the least a romantic wedding cake with few little cupcakes along with it. It is a different and romantic idea which will bring more happiness and romance to your wedding day. The strawberries on the cupcakes make it delicious and month-watering.

Wedding Cup Cakes and cakes

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