Top 10 Ambient Ads of the World in Year 2012

Top 10 Ambient Ads of the World in Year 2012

Today we have something amazing about year 2012 best advertisements and in this regard we have best ambient ads with video adverts, these are belong to adsoftheworld award winner advertisements that select after exceptional competition and finally these of all ambient advertisements also credited to those video makers who contribute within these of all video ad case study because these are something very special for companies, graphic designers and art director who should learn from these below award winner adverts. Hope you will enjoy after seen all video ads!

Heineken: U-code

Daffy’s: Peep show on Times Square

Coca-Cola: The Cheering Truck

Santa Casa de Misericórdia de São Paulo: The Waiting Ticket

EMDA Israeli Alzheimer Association: The wrong movie

Cerveza Salta: Rugbeer

BBVA Foundation: The Little Guy Inside the ATM

Coca-Cola Zero: Unlock the 007 in you

Sony Xperia: Soda Stunt

Oi: Magical Payphone

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