Top 10 Common Venomous Plants That We Don’t Know About

Top 10 Common Venomous Plants That We Don’t Know About

There are many things in this world we know and about and many we do not know about. We know what is deadly for us and what will be good for us. But at times there are a few things which we think are safe around us but the fact is that they are not safe for us. The most common things around us all the time are plants. We assume that all the plants are friendly and cannot harm us. Well… you are wrong.

There are several pants around us which we think are beautiful and beneficial to grow in our houses but in reality they are very poisonous and dangerous to human life. This top 10 list will guide you about the plants which are dangerous for us and we should abstain growing them in our houses.

1. Poinsettia


It is an ornamental plant which people love to grow in their houses. This is no doubt a very beautiful plant but it is sometimes very venomous. It can cause different kind of skin allergy reactions which are definitely not healthy for anyone. This is very common type of plant which is red and green in color. It increases the beauty around you but one must not keep things which can harm them. So, if you have it in your house keeps it away from yourself and your children (if any). Otherwise, you might regret keeping this beauty.

2. English Ivy

English Ivy

This is also a very common kind of plant about which people don’t know that it is harmful. Due to its harmful factors, in many states of USA it had been declared as illegal. It can cause serious skin allergy on skin. Also, it can cause hallucinations, high fever and cough in many children. It could be poisonous to hell so keep it away not only from children but also you. People should get awareness about what is good for them and what is harmful. This awareness is the basic purpose of writing this informative article.

3. Easter Lily

Easter Lily

Easter lily is not only harmful to humans but also cats. Though it is beautiful but they are very harmful. People like to decorate their weddings with it but they don’t know the dark secret behind this beautiful plant. It can cause nausea, vomiting and high fever. It could be harmful to people of all ages. So don’t get flattered by the beauty of Easter lily

4. Larkspur


This plant’s all parts are venomous. They can cause numerous infections. It can cause sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, pain in the limbs and a lot of weakness. It is an attractive plant but this attraction could kill you so stay away from this colorful beauty. Don’t get trapped into the beauty of something venomous.

5. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is the most famous and useful cactus. It has no doubt many benefits. Aloe jell is very beneficial for health. It reduces weight, reduces pain in knee joints. Also, it is very good for bones and muscles. Apart from the benefits, the one prick of its throne will cause you a lot of pain. You could be sick for months. It can cause pain in the arm and cause headache. So keep children away from the cactus.

6. Azalea


Do not get distracted by its beauty. It’s all parts are highly toxic. If you get in touch with this plant, it can cause nausea, vomiting, difficulty in breathing, burning of lips and nose, it can also cause watering of eyes and many more. They are in many beautiful colors but again do whatever is healthy and good for you.

7. Dumb Cane

Dumb Cane

If you chew this plant, it will cause great pain and itching in mouth, tongue and throat. Also, it can cause chocking, asthma and stomach ache. This is a green leafy plant but it can cause fatal things to humans so you don’t want yourself to get poisoned by a plant. So, get information about it and stay away from this venomous thing.

8. Oleander


This is another common beautiful ornamental past which people keep in their land and backyards for beauty. But it is highly toxic. Also, it can cause death if chewed by a child. It is a very fatal plant. It can cause nausea, vomit, stomach infection, drowsiness, dizziness and breathing problem.

9. Foxglove


This plant is also entirely poisonous. It can cause many health hazards which include dizziness, breathing difficulty, nausea, limb pain, high fever and cough and skin diseases.

10. Matura Stramonium

Matura Stramonium

This is the most poisonous yet the most common plant. It can cause intensive hallucination. A person can get depression, insomnia, hallucination and nausea through this toxic plant. All parts of this plant are venomous. So be safe and take care of yourself.

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