Top 10 Dangerous Countries of the World

Top 10 Dangerous Countries of the World

World is full of beautiful places and Eden like places where we wish you to at any cost. At the same time it is also full of deadly and dangerous places which you would never wish to go except the fact you are willing to die. Hold you breaths; these are some of the deadly and dangerous countries of the world.

10. Russia

Russia is said to be at the top when it comes to crime and underworld mafia. It has been recorded that a person is robbed after every 18 minutes in Russia and 84 people are murdered in a day, the crime rate is deadly as there is no more control of government but of mafia. So be careful when you think of visiting Russia.


9. Brazil

If you are planning to travel to Brazil then there are few safety precautions you should take. Not all Brazil is wealthy now poverty still lies there. People who are unemployed are employed as thieves. Street crime is very common there so, you have to be careful with your wallet and hand carries.


8. Somalia

As Somalia has no government control, so it has criminal control. If you are traveling towards Africa then avoid entering through Somalia range as it could be deadly.


7. Afghanistan

One should definitely avoid a country which is facing war conditions 24/7. If you are traveling towards Europe or anywhere else by roast then don’t take the way through Afghanistan until or unless you have really high protection and guards. Even then it is very risky. So, avoid visiting Afghanistan.


6. South Africa

No doubt South Africa is a good country to sight the wild life but it is also very vast in human wild life. Yes it has a high murder and rape rate. South Africa is one of the most criminal and gangster dominating country with high rate of drug dealing as well. So, take precautions an safety before you travel towards this deadly region of the world.

South Africa

5. Burundi

It is a small populated country which has great rate of poverty and crime. Where there is poverty, there is crime. It has high murder rate especially after the war between Hutus and Tutsis. Mugging and carjacking is very common here.


4. Colombia

The main thing to worry about when you are in Colombia is kidnapping. There were 2334 kidnappings in Colombia in 1998. Now the kidnapping rate has increased. Also, the murder rate is higher. So, a visit to Colombia could be fatal so avoid going there.


3. Sudan

Terrorism is the main danger in Sudan. So taking a tour to Sudan is out of question until or unless you are willing to attempt suicide. Rocket launching and bomb blasts are the very common thing in Sudan. It is mainly controlled by terrorists.


2. Iraq

Again avoid and neglect the country in continuous war. Iraq is one of them. It is a victim of continuous war fares. So, it is definitely not suitable for anyone to take a tour to Iraq.


1. Antarctica

World not only has man made dangers but also nature made dangers such as the Antarctica. Its extreme weather conditions are deadly and very dangerous. Whoever is filled with zeal for adventure should avoid this deadly nature spot.


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