Top 10 Fashion Trends for Women from Famous Brands In 2013

Top 10 Fashion Trends for Women from Famous Brands In 2013

Along with the men’s fashion trends for 2013, women’s fashion trends are very stylish this year too. Every major brand of the world has come up with different clothing styles. Their designs are as usual unique and stylish which makes them different from others. They have introduced new styles for spring and summer 2013. There will be a large variety of new designs this year. All women must stay tune for the new styles coming up. Women must hold their breath to see what is coming up as this year’s trend. There will be bright and hot trend designs everywhere. So stay tuned and check out our top 10 fashion trends from top 10 brands of the world.

1. Miu mix

Miu has introduced a comeback fashion of long coats. Especially which include black, dark grey and navy blue long coats. Also, they have added gloves to the fashion trend line. This includes short blouse with a mini skirt and a long coat with it. Also, if you add gloves with it, then it will be pretty as heaven. This look will be decent and elegant. There are no glittery bright looks in it but only decency. So, this is what mix brought us this year spring and summer. Let’s see what other have brought.

The Miu Mix

2. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton came up with very unique ideas like always. Actually this brand rocked the run way. It has introduced chess board designed dresses this year. The chess boards are not only in black and white but also in yellow and white and green and white. This looks great and funky. All the colors are perfect for spring and summers. This shows the variety in Louis Vuitton collections.

Louis Vuitton

3. Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen came up with a little epic and classic looks. It has introduced hats with classis pants and blouses. Hats are back in the trend. This depicts an elegant and super cool look on ladies. This will make you look like a lady of the evening. Rock this classic look this year.

Alexander McQueen

4. Valentino

Valenteno has been very graceful in style. It has kept its name by decency and gracefulness. The color white and black is common for valentine brand. They have introduced dresses with laces and crochet. The black colored maxi and shorts are really back in style.


5. Channel

Channel has a name in the world. It is famous worldwide for its new and colorful designs. But this year channel brings you a trend in of black and white this year. Also, the polka dots are back in channel trends. The black dress with polka dots looks amazing on any lady. This is a common yet a very graceful and cute look for girls under 30. So get polka dots this year and shop from channel. This will make you look like a doll.


6. Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood is famous for its grace and elegance. It has introduced many formal and bridal looks for the last few years. It has kept it name by keeping its fine quality. This year it brings the tiny waist dresses and the dresses which have belts. The light colors are inn this year. This brand has introduced the idea of light colors in the spring season but brightness will be done by the accessorize. So go get light with Vivienne Westwood. Still they have kept their elegance and decency with new colors, and new trends in fashion.

Vivienne Westwood

7. Christian Dior

Christian Dior has made its name in fashion very well. This year their designs are specially for working women. They have black blazers, coats and black pants. They have made a comeback fashion sense this year. The black color makes the look more graceful. Also, the black high heels will add a little bit of more attitudes to the look. Attitude dress look is the best of Dior’s trend line. Wear the Christian Dior to your work office and gain all the attention. This would be very helpful in your presentations and assignments.

Christian Dior

8. Dolce and cabana

Like always, dolce and cabana are funky this year too. They have introduced the funkiness of color orange family. Orange color looks good on every lady. Also, the bold patterns of different colors will add more funkiness. The silk clothing adds a lustrous look to you face and style.

Dolce and cabana

9. Prada

Prada has gone black and decent this year. They have introduced mini-skirts and short frocks with graceful look. Also they have nude colors in their collection.


10. Gucci

Gucci has gone wild with the hot pinks and bright reds. This is the best fashion trend. The hot pink creates a hot and sexy look and also it is perfect for parties, gatherings and formal gatherings.


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