Top 10 Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

Top 10 Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

So the year is ending up and New Year is coming soon. As New Year approaches, new hopes, new desires and new resolutions are made. Happy New Year 2013 is a very special occasion for people to hope for new things and it is an event of joy. We all leave our pasts behind and move on with our lives normally.

Celebrate the New Year’s Eve on a very good and special place where the New Year 2013 eve is celebrated with great zeal. You can celebrate with your lover, friend or family members. Enjoy the fireworks of new years and enjoy your life. Praise to God that you are again safe and alive for the next year coming up.

Here are some top destinations where you can celebrate the New Year’s Eve.

1. Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a very hot and amazing place to celebrate New Year’s Eve; it is very exciting and rocking destination. You can visit this with your friends and enjoy in casinos. Also enjoy the last Vegas colorful fireworks and wish for your upcoming year as lively as a fire work.

2. Mexico


Celebrating the New Year’s Eve in the desert with the planet weather is not a bad idea. It is unique and different. Also, you can visit five star resorts and enjoy the lightings of the city and fireworks on the beach side. You will feel full of lights and fore works in this destination. It is perfect for a new year’s eve.

3. Greece


Greece is a classic city with epic monuments. The New Year eve’s fireworks look amazing in this country. If you really want to enjoy the dull gold lights with fireworks and also want to enjoy Greek food and wine, then cheer up and get a plane to Greece.

4. New York

New York

Here we come to the busy city but a city of lights. New York! Yes New York is a very lively and rocking place to celebrate the New Year’s Eve. If you want to add more spice to the event, then go to the time squares and enjoy the final countdown of the year and also enjoy the ball dropping of the New Year night. Afterwards have dinner and a glass of wine and count your blessings.

5. Italy


Italy is the country of fashion, style and lights. It is an epic destination which is very much modern and amazing for New Year’s Eve. Italians are very much festive and they enjoy celebrating small things. But new tear is a very big thing!

So get ready and get a plane to Italy. Venice is the most enthusiastic city of Italy where New Year is celebrated at a very high level.

6. Iceland


Want to celebrate New Year’s in cold weather and northern lights? Well… move to Iceland. This destination doesn’t need any firework because they have northern lights which are very much interesting to watch. But they do have fireworks on the New Year’s Eve. So don’t worry you will get the fireworks just stay tuned and get ready for the New Year eve in Iceland.

7. Niagara falls

Niagara falls

Fall in love this New Year night with the Niagara Falls: D

Yes a very romantic and elegant sight for New Year’s. You will never forget this New Year’s eve if you      celebrate it on the Niagara Falls. Niagara falls are the largest falls of the world. So you can enjoy the fireworks on this largest waterfall of the world.

8. Prague


9. Austria


Austria is a very beautiful place and its beauty becomes enchanted on the New Year’s Eve. It is full of lights and also how could it be without the fireworks. The streets of Austria are very friendly and very much full of lights. You would definitely enjoy the sight of fireworks in this amazing city.



Want to see the New Year’s fireworks on the beach side at night? Well… which city could be better the Goa in India. People all around the world visit goal for the New Year’s night. Goa fireworks are very astonishing and unique. Also, trip to Goa will not be much expensive. So enjoy the New Year’s Eve this year. Say good bye to 2012 and welcome the 2013.


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