Top 10 Thought-provoking Facts about Dreams

Top 10 Thought-provoking Facts about Dreams

We all dream and we all wonder that what our dreams exactly mean. Some people dream about a single thing over and over again. There are many facts and explanations about dreams and also about all different kinds of dreams. Dreams make us look alive and dreams are where we can fulfill our desires. But there are some fun and interesting facts about dreaming that everyone must know. So here are a few facts.

1. Blind People Dream Too

Blind People Dream Too

I always wondered and I think almost everyone wonders that if blind people dream or not. Well the answer is that the people who become blind after the birth can see dreams. They see dreams in the form of different images and lights etc. but those who are born blind cannot see dreams but still can feel, touch and hear in the dream but cannot see any kind of images.

2. 90% Of The Dreams Are Forgotten

90% Of The Dreams Are Forgotten

It is said that people forget 90% of their dream which is true because I have noticed that when we wake up we think that the dream was pretty long but we remember only the little version of our dream. We forget the half of the dream after 5 mines we wake up and we forget the 90% of it after 10 mines. So, you cannot remember the whole dream but you can remember the bits of it so do not worry it is normal to forget the dream and there are a few people who completely forget their dreams.

3. Everybody Dreams

Everybody Dreams

If you are thinking that there are a few people who don’t dream at all well… you are wrong. Everybody dreams. The exceptional case for not dreaming would be some kind of psychological disorder. So if anyone tells you that they never dreamt about anything, tell them that they are laying or they have some psychological problem.

4. Dreams Prevent Phsychosis

Dreams Prevent Phsychosis

The studies tell that dreams prevent psychosis. The situation in which a person aces hallucination, illusions etc. this is a bad disorder. But those who dream are safe because when the dream heir hallucination factor is included in the dreaming. Those who do not dream face the problem of psychosis. It is not necessary that everyone who doesn’t dream have psychosis. It is limited to fewer persons.

5. One Dreams Only About What He Knows

One Dreams Only About What He Knows

Whatever you dream is always about what you already know. Like, the people you know, places you know, things you know and facts you know. Everything you know already will be in your dream. There are a very few cases in which one dreams of something he had never been introduced to or he had never faced it. So, we dream what we know about.

6. Not Everyone Dreams In Color

Not Everyone Dreams In Color

This is also a very interesting fact that some people do not dream colored. Some dreams are just black and white. Don’t worry it is not a psychotic disorder. It is just a natural exceptional case. It is not very common. People experience different kinds of things while dreaming like falling, flying, moving, walking etc.

7. Dreams Are Not About What They Are About

Dreams Are Not About What They Are About

Dreams sometimes speak to you in a symbolic order. Not sometimes, actually all the time. Dreams are actually not what they look like. Dreams have different meaning and interpretations. You will notice that sometimes you dream about really weird things. It is not that the dream is about. It means that the dream is telling you or trying to explain something to you. This also included the topic of 6th sense or extra sensory perception ESP. because those who could see a little bit of what is going to happen in future have this logic behind it. Because dreams are not actually what they seem to be like. No one can see what exactly is going to happen in the future, but people can get hint of the future through the dreams.

8. Quitters Have More Vivid Dreams

Quitters Have More Vivid Dreams

Those who quit smoking have more vivid dreams than others. It is also said that those who smoked once have a lot clear pictures in dreams. Also, those who smoke see themselves smoking in the dream a lot of times. They see themselves smoking once a week.

9. External Stimuli Invades The Dream

External Stimuli Invades The Dream

We often experience that a sound from the real world is heard during the dream. It means that it sometimes happen that people get aware of their surrounding during the dream.

10. You Are Paralyzed While You Are Sleep

You Are Paralyzed While You Are Sleep

It happens to everyone. Every person is paralyzed while he or she is dreaming. One cannot move or speak or say anything while he dreams. This actually turns out really scary and creepy. Almost everyone experience this situation often in their lives.

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