Top 10 Unique Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Top 10 Unique Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Thanksgiving is another occasion to gather and cherish. It is famous for turkey. But turkey isn’t the only think you make on thanksgiving. To impress your guests, there are several side dishes for thanksgiving that you can cook very quickly and they are also very delicious and yum. Your guests will love these side dishes. Here are the top 10 side dishes for thanksgiving.

1. Apple Cranberry Sauce

Apple cranberry sauce is a sweet and sour sauce which is served with turkey and also other dishes. This side dish will add color to your menu and it’s very good to impress friends and family as well. This will add flavor to your meals and its color is also very appealing. Also, it is very healthy and light.

Apple Cranberry Sauce

2. Orange marmalade and cranberry sauce

Another yum and sour sauce for your side menu. Your guests will enjoy and remember you thanks giving lunch or dinner forever if you serve your turkey with this beautifully cooked sauce. Also, its maroons red color adds life to your food.

Orange marmalade and cranberry sauce

3. Brussels sprout salad

Side dishes must include salad and Brussels sprout salad is very unique and delicious. It will appeal your guests on dinner/lunch. It is very light and takes a little time to cook. It is very easy to make and less time consuming.

Brussels sprout salad

4. Sautéed Brussels sprouts

If you don’t like Brussels in salad, then you can always sauté them if you don’t like it raw. If you sauté Brussels then its water will add taste to your dish. It is very unique dish and consumes less time. This dish is also very light and healthy. It is always good to feed your guests with something unique which is also healthy and tastes good.

Sautéed Brussels sprouts

5. Hashed turnips

Vegetables are a healthy life style. You should always add vegetables to your menu but in a different and unique manner. Turnips are liked by almost everyone. People also eat it as raw vegetable but when it’s hashed, it gives a mouth-watering flavor. So, hashed turnips with a little bit of lemon flavor or chili flavor in it will put your taste buds on fire. Your friends will come back again and again to have this scrumptious dish.

Hashed turnips

6. Mexican rice

Little bit of rice is always a good option for side dishes. If you want to make rice, then make it in Mexican way. If you like spicy food then Mexican rice is best thing to cook. Also, it is good to eat spicy things sometimes. Mexican rice would be a good option for side dish.

Mexican rice

7. Multicultural stuffing’s

Think outside the box and be creative when it comes to cooking. Especially when it’s special occasion cooking like Christmas, New Year or thanks giving. Multicultural food s always good in taste. It is also easy to cook because there is no rocket science included in it. You can add whatever vegetable you like and mix in different spices that you like.

Mexican rice

8. Cipolin onions

Cipollini inions with sweet and sour sauce are another great option for thanks giving side dishes. Onions are healthy and tasty as well. You can make several side dishes with cipollini onions and also you can add different vegetables with it.

Cipolin onions

9. Mashed potatoes

Whipped and mashed potatoes are also very much liked for thanks giving dinner and lunch. It is a common tradition to cook mashed potatoes with a turkey. It is healthy and less time consuming. Your guests, friends and family will enjoy every single bit of it.

Mashed potatoes

10. Sautéed yams with ginger and line

Yams are very healthy in nutrients and natural astringent. Also, they can be made in lesser time and are very tasty. Many people make this dish as a side dish on thanks giving. If you add line and ginger to it, it will give you a very yum sour taste.

Sautéed yams with ginger and line

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