Top 10 Upcoming Hollywood Movies Of 2013

Top 10 Upcoming Hollywood Movies Of 2013

When New Year starts people think of many things which will be new. People get information about new cars, new restaurants, new technological changes etc. also, people look forward to new movies which are predicted to be very amazing in the new year. This really exciting to know the top movies which are expected to be highly rated in the year 2013. There are many exciting movies coming up in this year which you should stay tuned and look forward to watch. Movies are a great break from work, from assignments and school. Movies sooth a person and gives a peace of mind. Also, movies cheer us. So here is the top 10 upcoming list of movies which are expected to come up in the New Year.

1. Scary Movie 5

There have been 4 parts of scary movie already. This is the only movie which is both horror and comedy. It is a great combination of horror and comedy. All previous parts of scary movie have been liked by millions of people. So, it is predicted that scary movie 5 will also be a block buster. This movie revolves around the story of a couple who just had a new born son and after they come back from the hospital with their baby, some paranormal stuff starts in their house. They get worried and with the help of detectives they find who is behind all this.

Scary Movie 5

2. Iron man 3

Iron man 3 has been a great success before. It is an amazing fiction and action movie. It is very good for boys and also for kids. It is a super hero movie. This time the iron man will take revenge from those who destroyed his world.

Iron man 3

3. Smurf 2

After the success of animated movie the surf now there will be a Smurf 2. It was a feat movie which was funny and cool. The surf did great business and surf 2 will also be very good as predicted. This time the Smurfs will recue their friends with the help of their human friends. It includes adventure drama and also fun of course.

The Smurf 2

4. The wolverine

X-men have always been a great success. Now there will be a specified Wolverine movie about X-men. It is anticipated that this movie will rock the Hollywood box office this year. Hollywood is going to make a lot of money this year.

The wolverine

5. Hangover 3

Hangover 1 and 2 were exclusively fun movies. Hangover is amazing comedy which you would want to watch again and again. This time there will be no wedding a bachelor ate party. So, the suspense part is that what will be the thing which will cause the worst hangovers of all time.

Hangover 3

6. The hunger games: catching fire

This part of hunger games continues the adventures of the previous part. If you are a fan of adventure and thriller world then wait for this movie to come out this summer. Get your popcorn’s ready to pop and eaten up while you watch this wonderful action of hunger games.

The hunger games: catching fire

7. Thor: The Dark World

Another super hero fiction movie which took appreciation of billions of people all around the world. If you want to see what will happen to THOR in this part then stay tuned and keep waiting for the best part of the movie which is expected to be amazing hit of the year 3013.

Thor: The Dark World

8. Dirty Dancing

New part of an old movie. Dirty dancing became very popular and now keeping the popularity in mind, here comes another part of this great movie of history. Are you ready to enjoy some romance and some dancing?

Dirty Dancing

9. Grown Ups 2

After the success of grownups the movie, here comes the grownups 2. It is expected that this will be a great fun movie. All comedy lovers stay tuned and wait for the fun part to begin. Let’s see what the grownups will bring this time for fun.

Grown Ups 2

10. Identify Thief

Are you a fan of comedy movies and suspense as well? Well this movie is going to fall into a category where fun and action come together. This will be a worth watching comedy of this year so do not ignore or forget it. Put it on your future list and make your vacations amazing by renting this movie and watch with your friends. Also, do not forget to bring popcorns while you watch this movie. This movie relives around the story of a business man when he gets to know that someone is imitating his identity and using his identity as fake in order to get some benefits. He hires few detectives for this purpose. Sounds interesting, right?

Identify Thief

So stay tuned and put these movies on your hit list!

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