Top 10 ways to Loving Yourself

Top 10 ways to Loving Yourself

Having self-esteem adds to your personality and changes your perspective about yourself; constant thoughts of self-pity and self-envy drags down your persona to a point where – quite frankly – it makes you difficult to live with yourself. Yes life may be difficult, nobody said it wouldn’t be, but not everything that goes wrong is your fault. Accept that not everything is your fault and believe that whatever you are going through has a reason behind it. Self-love is more important than it might seem. It builds up self-confidence and self-acceptance.

However, self-esteem should be kept at a well-balanced level where it doesn’t exceed to a peak where you become so self-indulged that you fail to recognize your mistakes and learn from them. Here are a few ways to help you gain self-esteem:

  1. Love Yourself

    Love yourself before you love others, once you do it everything will fall in place and make sense. Stop looking at what wrong you’ve done and focus on what achievements you’ve made. Focus on the things you’re best at so that you eliminate the feeling of worthlessness. No person is born without talents, identify what yours are and put them to use. Make up your own SWOT analysis where you mention your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats; then analyze these points and excel in what your Strengths are, live your Weaknesses, jump to your Opportunities and face whatever Threats you.

  2. Be Grateful

    Be grateful Stop thinking of what you don’t have and start looking at what you DO have. There are people all around you who are probably worse off than you, and know that might not be your problem or responsibility, but the least you could do is be grateful. Be nicer to people who help you and regardless of how big or small role they’ve played in your life, thank them if you think they’ve ever helped you go through tough times.

  3. Stay Positive

    Stay positive Even when days are bad and you feel like you’ve absolutely no reason to get out of bed, remain positive. Maybe your positivity will reach out to others and make them feel better about themselves, or maybe your pretend emotion will be inflicted within you anytime during the day and you’ll actually start to feel and behave that way. Talk about yourself like you are content with what you’ve done so far and will be so in the future as well, it makes people believe you and feel the same way about them self. If you speak of yourself negatively others will to. You are your own, you own everything within you and what comes out of your – learn to embrace it all.

  4. Spend some time alone

    Spend some time alone No there is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to hanging out alone. Respect those who do and have the courage of doing the same. Go out shopping alone, watch a movie, have dinner with no one but yourself – avoid the insecurities and the judging looks from strangers. Smile at people passing by even it makes you feel goofy. Meditate, talk to yourself and make sure what comes out of your mouth are positive thoughts. Enjoy yourself and make this a once-in-a-week habit.

  5. Forgive Yourself

    Forgive Yourself People make mistakes, some alter your life completely – however, no mistake can be ever so big that you can’t forgive yourself at all. Don’t hold grudges against yourself and learn from your past. Maybe the mistake was necessary in some weird way; maybe it had a purpose or none at all. Whatever be the case, forgive yourself. Be kind to yourself and allow yourself to be senseless at times.

  6. Break Some Sweat!

    Break Some Sweat Working out may be difficult but at the end of the day it makes you feel good about yourself. Add workouts to your daily routines. Maybe it is your physical appearance that pulls you down, start working on it and get in shape so that you may feel like you have achieved something out of your time. Love your body and treat it with care. Eat what is healthy, drink what is healthy and work those muscles.

  7. Get a Hobby

    It’ll help you shift your focus and will give you time to explore what you’re good at. Call up a friend and go pot-making. Get a new book or have a movie marathon and slumber parties, buy a box of Lego and construct something out of it. Go to a concert or do something you haven’t in a while and relive your memories. Take a break and even when you’re overflowing with appointments and have an uptight schedule take some time out to relieve your stress.

  8. Watch Your Company

    Look around your circle of friends and see whether the type of people you’re hanging out with makes you more prone to self-loathing or not. Negativity is a strong vibe and can be caught by even the brightest of people. Surround yourself with people who aren’t like that, be with people who light up your day and who you enjoy spending time with. Choose to be with those people who you are actually looking forward to meet because their happiness might be contagious and it just might be enough for you to make it through.

  9. Treat Yourself

    Sleep in late on weekends, break your diet and fill up your craving on Sundays, avoid thinking of what lies ahead. The future is yet to come, and when it does you will know what to do. Look at where you stand right now and pat yourself for making it through so far, if you had given up you wouldn’t be where you are right now. Realize that and know that just like you how had the strength to make it before, you will get the strength to make it in the future too. So stop those nagging thoughts and live in the now, relax when you can by doing yoga, aromatherapy or listening to soft music. Do what puts you to ease and stop obsessing over what is yet to come.

  10. Be a Morning Person

    You need to stop waking up cranky every morning and blaming it on your ‘inability of being a morning person’. You might be anti-social, and oh you might hate every person that walks by but get out of that gloominess, step out of that all-black outfit and wear off that hairstyle that covers half your face. Open up to the world around you, people around you aren’t going anywhere anytime soon – you might as well learn to live among them. I am not asking you to wake up with a smile, but wake up with the gratefulness that you got to live another day, with the drive to get all your chores done today and with the confidence that you will be able to make it through today. Appreciate yourself for remaining to strong in the past and don’t scowl when you see your face in the mirror, here I will ask you to smile – smile when you see yourself. Compliment yourself and learn to accept your flaws. Your flaws and your mistakes make you who you are and reveal your beliefs that are present to this day. Stop being your worst enemy and praise yourself when needed.

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